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Always There - A Comprehensive Medical Transporation Membership Program of MedStat EMS

MedStat's Always There membership gives you peace of mind by limiting your exposure to additional costs associated with emergency medical transportation. Rarely does any healthcare insurance plan cover 100% of the billed charges. Most plans have copayments and deductlibles that can leave patients with significant financial responsibility after insurance has paid their part.

By joining MedStat's Always There membership program, MedStat provides a guarantee that you will pay nothing else out of pocket for covered services.

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Questions and Answers

What is Membership?

Membership is a prepaid plan that provides protection from out of pocket expenses such as copayments and deductibles. Membership is NOT an insurance policy.

What are the Costs of Membership?

Individual Memberships cost $50.00 annually.
Family Memberships cost $55.00 annually.

What are the Benefits of Membership?

For members with insurance, the MedStat EMS, Inc.  Membership Program covers the patient responsible portions of emergency air and ground ambulance transportation and medically-necessary non-emergency ground ambulance transportation bills.
Members who receive non-medically necessary transportation services (i.e. transports to a doctor’s office, transports to a hospital that is not the closest appropriate facility, transports for convenience) receive a 50% discount from their bill.

Who is covered by My Membership?

The MedStat EMS Membership Program covers you and your immediate family (legally married spouse, children up to age 21 being claimed as a dependent, children up to age 23 who are full-time college students, and grandchildren where the grandparent has legal guardianship or possesses a valid power of attorney).

How Long is My Membership Valid?

Membership benefits are valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Membership benefits cannot be applied retroactively to ground or air ambulance transportation services that were provided prior to purchasing the membership.

I have Insurance, Do I Need Membership?

Membership could likely provide you with additional protection. MedStat’s years of billing experience shows us that rarely does Medicare or a commercial insurance policy cover 100% of the patient-responsible charges for ground or air ambulance transport. In many cases, there may be a significant co-payment or deductible that the patient is responsible for paying.

Must I Be a Member to Receive Service?

No. MedStat EMS will provide emergency ground or air ambulance EMS transportation without regard to membership status.  MedStat will provide non-emergency ground ambulance transportation that is medically necessary as certified by an appropriate licensed health care professional without regard to membership.

Are There Limitations on Air Transport?

Yes. The safety of MedStat’s flight crew, patients and aircraft are our first priority. There are certain issues that may limit MedStat’s ability to transport a patient by helicopter.

Patient weight, height, and girth are all factors that may preclude safe transport by helicopter.  Other factors including, but not limited to, inclement weather, aircraft maintenance, and the helicopter already being engaged on a flight at the time of a request may preclude transport by helicopter.

Who Chooses the Hospital Destination?

MedStat always respects the patient's choice when choosing a destination.  The medical care team may recommend another destination based on availability of care, patient condition, or speed of transport.  In some cases, regulations or Medical Control Physicians may dictate transport to a hospital that is better suited to treat certain types of patients rather than a closer hospital. 

I Have Medicaid – Do I Need a Membership?

No. Healthcare providers may be prohibited by law from offering Membership to or accepting Medicaid recipients. By submitting an application for Membership, the applicant certifies that they are not a Medicaid beneficiary.

Where is MedStat’s Coverage Area?

MedStat currently provides ground ambulance services in fifteen (15) Mississippi counties.  These counties include:  Attala, Benton, Choctaw, Carroll, Holmes, Humphreys, Leflore, Marshall, Monroe, Montgomery, Panola, Sunflower, Tate, Washington and Yazoo.

With a helicopter based in Winona, MedStat Air responds to transport requests primarily within a 100 mile radius of the base.

How Do I Join?

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Click here for a printable version of the membership application.

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